Fatal Car Accident in Hanover Park, Illinois

HANOVER PARK, IL- The dailyherald.com reports that a 35-year-old man from Carol Stream died in a collision on Saturday, January 12, 2019. The victim was in the car with his son who is 12-years-old.*

The crash took place on County Farm Road at about 7:30 in the morning. The victim’s vehicle collided head-on with a vehicle driven by an 18-year-old man from Streamwood.

Reports indicate that the decedent was traveling south in a Kia Soul while the other vehicle, a Subaru Impreza, was heading north. The vehicles hit one another head one. Moore was transported to the St. Alexius Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. Moore’s son and the 18-year-old driving the other vehicle were both hospitalized with injuries.

The DuPage Crash Accident Reconstruction Task Force is participating in the investigation into the collision.

Head-on crashes involve tremendous amounts of force making them extremely dangerous. The human body does not have a strong chance of surviving one of these crashes if the vehicles are traveling about 43 miles per hour. There are many roadways in the country where the opposite traveling lanes of traffic are not separated by any form of median. This means that it is easy for a vehicle to travel out of its lane and into the opposite lane of traffic in an instant without warning. When a car drives into oncoming traffic,a resulting crash can happen so fast that even an attentive driver will not be able to avoid striking the other car. The best way to avoid being killed in a deadly head-on collision is to avoid roads that do not have center medians or barriers unless they have lower speed limits.

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