Fatal Car Accident Lawyer in Union, Illinois Discusses Lick Creek Road Crash

Fatal Car Accident Lawyer in Union, Illinois 

Man Dies in Single-Car Wreck

Union County, Illinois– May 14, 2018 (WSIL TV) According to a report by WSIL TV, a man is dead following a single-car crash off Lick Creek Road. A vehicle appears to have left the roadway and gone into the water. Details of the accident are few at present.

Some accidents involve multiple vehicles, but others involve only a single vehicle. Single-vehicle wrecks kill more people than other types of motor vehicle accidents. Sixty-five percent of the fatal crashes that happen on American roads involve only a single vehicle.

Single-car accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. While the cause of the accident mentioned above is under investigation, it is important that drivers understand that some single car accidents can be avoided. Some of the leading causes of single car crashes are distracted driving, speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, and drowsy driving. These are all things that are within a driver’s control. When drivers choose to get a sober ride home, drive within posted speed limits, refrain from using cell phones or texting, and driving only when they are feeling alert enough to do so safely, their choices can go a long way towards preventing car crashes, including often-deadly single-vehicle wrecks.

While some single car accidents are preventable, it is essential that we acknowledge that other single car wrecks are caused by things that drivers cannot control. A medical emergency like a heart attack or stroke can happen at any time. A drier could go off of the road trying to avoid colliding with another driver who made an unexpected maneuver. Poor visibility or slippery road conditions can cause a driver to wreck their car. A mechanical defect like brake failure can cause the driver to lose control of their vehicle.

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