Fatal Motor Vehicle Wreck at Intersection in Gerlaw, Illinois

Gerlaw, Illinois– April 25, 2018 (Journal Star) According to a report in the Journal Star, a young woman was killed in a two-car crash on Wednesday morning. The accident occurred when the woman drove through a stop sign and into an intersection, where the front corner of her vehicle was hit by a pickup truck.

The drivers of both vehicles were hospitalized after the wreck. Twenty-one-year-old Katelyn A. Katzell died from the injuries she suffered in the crash. The driver of the truck has been treated for their injuries and released.

Unfortunately, the accident described above is a tragic reminder of just how much of a difference wearing a seatbelt can make in the event of a collision. The woman who died from injuries caused by the accident was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash. The driver of the pickup truck, who received minor injuries in the wreck, was wearing a seatbelt.

Car crashes cause many deaths among Americans ages one to fifty-four. Seat belt use has proven to be one of the best ways to save lives and reduce injuries in crashes. Unfortunately, many Americans do not buckle up on every trip,  even though seat belts decrease the likelihood that a person will die or be seriously injured in a motor vehicle wreck by approximately half. In addition to preventing fatalities, seat belts often reduce the severity of injuries suffered by motor vehicle accident victims. The fifty percent reduction in serious or fatal injury risk that comes along with wearing a seat belt and the reduction in severity of car crash injuries are compelling reasons to buckle up every time you get in a car.

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