Fatal Motorcycle Accident on Corinth Road in Williamson County, Illinois

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, IL- According to wsiltv.com, a motorcyclist was killedin an accident with a car that took place on Sunday, July 8, 2018. The victim was identifiedas Robert Rich, 55, from Marion.

Rich was traveling on Corinth Road when a car traveling the opposite direction drifted over the middle line and into Rich’s path.

Motorcycles do not offer riders the same protections as other types of vehicles. Passengers in enclosed vehicles have a barrier between them and other vehicles on the road while motorcycles do not. Motorcycles are also smaller than other vehicles on the road. Because of their smaller size, motorcycles are more likely to be overlooked by drivers, which can cause them to be hitby other vehicles. The added risks motorcyclists face makes it 29 times more likely for a motorcyclist to be killed in an accident than an individual traveling in a passenger vehicle.

The best safety gear for a motorcyclist to use is a helmet. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), helmets are “37 percent effective in preventing motorcycle deaths and about 67 percent effective in preventing brain injuries.” In 19 states, all people riding motorcycles are required by law to use helmets. Many other states have helmet laws requiring certain classes of motorcycle riders to wear helmets. Illinois is one out of just three states that donot mandate any helmet use at all.

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) reports that 162 motorcyclists died in Illinois in 2017. Illinois motorcyclists are now concernedover the addition of autonomous vehicles to the road after one study indicated that six out of eight autonomous vehicles were not able to identify motorcycles on the road.

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