Fatal Pedestrian Accident Wrongful Death Claim Lawyers in Illinois

The death of any loved one in an accident is devastating. The sudden and unexpected loss creates a void in the victim’s family’s lives. The news of the tragic event sparks powerful emotions and inexplicable grief. Once the grief slowly starts to subside, then the harsh reality strikes for many people. Questions arise like how will I survive financially without my loved one’s salary? How can I care for our children? What will my kids do now that one of their parents is gone? These questions may be asked of children who lost their parents, or parents who have lost their children in pedestrian accidents in Illinois. Accordingly, pursuing a wrongful death claim could help ease the financial burden you experienced from the death of your loved one.

Illinois law does not permit every family member to file a wrongful death claim. Only the next of kin of the person who died can file a wrongful death claim in Illinois. Illinois law determines who the next of kin should be if the answer is not obvious. The next of kin files suit in a representative capacity and might not be the individual who receives any financial award. 

Damages in Illinois pedestrian wrongful death cases are wide-ranging. Illinois law allows the estate of the person who died to collect for medical bills as well as pain and suffering the person who died experienced from the incident before expiring. Additionally, Illinois’ wrongful death statute permits recovery of damages to family members for certain types of losses. One of those losses is the future financial loss created by the pedestrian’s death. Another measure of damages is the emotional loss a spouse or a child will experience as a consequence of the pedestrian’s death. Importantly, Illinois law allows the family to recover funeral and burial costs in addition to any out-of-pocket expenses the family experienced from their family member’s tragic demise.


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