Fatal Pedestrian Crash in Elk Grove Village, Illinois

ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL- The chicago.suntimes.com writes that a man died in a fatal crash in Elk Grove Village on Monday, December 10, 2018. The victim was identified as 59-year-old Larry J. Orth. Reports indicate that Orth was struck at about 7:41 in the evening on Touhy Avenue.*

Orth was a resident of Des Plaines. The medical examiner stated that the victim died at about 8:40 in the evening. The death was ruled an accident.

Pedestrian crashes killed around 6,000 people last year in the United States. In 2016, the death toll was about the same. While pedestrian fatalities seem to have leveled off in the last couple ofyears, they have leveled off at a 25-year high. Many factors likely played into the rising number of people killed in pedestrian crashes. One contributing factor is the presence of more vehicles on the road. The stronger economy and reduced gas prices have made for more traffic on the roads and therefore a greater chance of people being hit by vehicles. Other factors include the growing number of SUVs on the road. Larger vehicles with higher and flatter fronts are more likely to cause fatal injuries thanare smaller vehicles like cars, which tend to strike victims in their lower extremities. Other factors that could be causing an increase in pedestrian deaths include the legalization of marijuana and distracted walking. States, where marijuana has been legalized, have a higher rate of pedestrian fatalities leading to a possible link between marijuana and pedestrian incidents. While distracted driving has garnered a lot of attention over recent years, some have suggested that pedestrians are also causing crashes because they are also distracted.

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