Filing A Claim Against a Driver From Another State After Illinois Car Accident

Illinois is a key transportation hub in the central part of the country. The location of the state as well as the having one of the largest metropolitan areas in the nation in Chicago draws thousands of visitors to the state as well as motor vehicle operators who do not reside in Illinois drive through daily. Additionally, the number of colleges and universities in Illinois also raises the number of drivers who live out of state but conduct business in the state. Unfortunately, drivers who do not reside in Illinois or companies based outside of Illinois cause car accidents every day. If you or a relative is a resident of Illinois and was a victim of an auto accident caused by an out-of-state driver, you have valuable rights that you must protect. 

Filing a claim against an out-of-state resident begins with having the correct insurance information. Your lawyer must compile all of the necessary documents to perfect your claim and serve then upon the insurance company. Hopefully, the insurance company negotiates in good faith and the parties resolve the claim amicably. However, if the parties cannot agree before the statute of limitations expires, then the claimant must file the case in court to preserve his or her rights. 

Having a skilled and experienced Illinois auto accident lawyer who understands all of the issues surrounding claims against out-of-state motorists is essential to the success of your claim. An Illinois auto wreck attorney with the requisite knowledge, skill, and experience will understand how to perfect service on the driver who lives in another state by using Illinois’ “Long-Arm” statute and other legal provisions to bring the out-of-state motorist within Illinois jurisdiction. In some instances, the Illinois Secretary of State’s office may accept service of your complaint initiating your court case when suing a resident of another state.

Correctly serving the other driver must be done correctly. Failing to do so may void a claim, and you could lose out altogether.


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