How To Find the Best Car Accident Lawyer in Chicago

Last Updated: December 12, 2017

How to Find the Best Car Accident Lawyer in Chicago

Many people suffer when involved in an auto accident. Regardless of who the accident occurred, if you were injured in a traffic accident caused by a negligence, drinking and driving, texting while driving, speeding, or any other factor, you are now faced with a serious legal matter.

If your accident resulted in serious property damage and you are injured, you need an attorney who is highly skilled and experienced in representing accident victims. The lawyer whom you choose for your accident claim will have an impact in the result or outcome of your auto accident case.  If you select the wrong lawyer to represent you and your family, this could lead to diminished value of your case or a loss of your legal right to receive fair compensation. The costs and expenses could end up being your complete loss.

So here allow us to provide you with a few things to consider when you are choosing an attorney to represent you:

How do you feel about the attorney you are speaking with?

Although this may seem like a simple and obvious mindset, many people have a lot of worries and doubts at this time. Be sure that you feel confident that the attorney you have selected is aggressive and will advocate heavily for you. When you spoke with the attorney, did the attorneys answer all of your questions? Did the attorney make sure that you understood everything that they stated? Did the attorney make an effort to help you and your family understand the entire car accident claims process?  Your first impression is an important one. Be sure to find an attorney who makes you feel at ease with him or her.

How many years experience does the law firm and attorney have representing car accident victims?

All attorneys have some level of legal experience. However, accident claims is a unique field of law. In some cases, an attorney with extensive accident and personal injury experience can make a big difference in the amount of your recovery.  You should be certain to ask the attorney about their practice experience with a case such as yours. Be 100% sure that the attorney has the experience, skills and knowledge to effectively represent you.  Ask if the attorney will be representing you personally or if a lesser experienced lawyer will be working your accident claim. Be certain that the most experienced attorney is working your case especially at critical junctures.  Ask about the firms’ support team.  This is important because an effective car accident attorney need to have time and resources in order to devote themselves to your case and fully protect your legal right to full compensation.

How much of the attorney’s practice is dedicated to automobile accident cases?

As there are over 80 areas of law, be sure to locate an attorney who dedicates his or her practice in representing those injured in automobile accidents. This is critical to your success.  He or she will be much more familiar with Illinois Car Accident Laws and regulations. Also, the attorneys will have an excellent working knowledge of how the Illinois court system and legal process works. This will increase the likelihood of you obtaining a fair and just out-of-court settlement. This will also protect your from the defense tactics used by the defense to reduce your case value or set aside your claim altogether.

Are you in agreement with the accident case strategy?

You may not be a lawyer, however, you may feel uneasy about how the attorney plans to represent you and prepare your case for trial. Maybe you feel that your attorney is too hard pressed to reach a quick, out-of-court settlement and this bothers you.  Ask yourself this, “Is the strategy being implemented by your lawyer acceptable or not? When you mention your feelings, does the attorney listen to you or does the attorney simply ignore your ideas without a reasonable explanation?  You should recognize these important considerations since you are the client. Any attorney who is unwilling to listen to you and your wishes is not the best legal professional to fight for your behalf.

What are your duties your the accident  case?

The best lawyer for your case will make sure to provide you with the types of documentation and information needed to be compiled for your claim. Were you notified about the amount of time you will need to put into the claims process? Were you advise of the other contributions you will be required to produce in the pursuit of you accident case?  If you receive an initial consultation from an attorney and they did not explain these things to you,  it is advisable that you consider discussing your case with a different lawyer.

Did the lawyer provide a clear explanation of their fee structure and costs?

Be sure to understand all of the fee arrangements, costs and expenses for representing you prior to signing any binding agreements with a car accident lawyer in Chicago. Make sure that you fully understand the legal fees, expenses, and financial requirements on your end and theirs.   It is advisable that you are fully aware of what your obligations can and will be.

Choosing the Best Car Accident Attorney Can Be A Challenge

Choosing the best car accident attorney to handle your case can be a difficult and stressful process for you. However, as long as you keep these tips in mind, you will likely find the process is easier when consulting with potential personal injury lawyers. Make sure that you find an attorney who makes you feel that they will work very hard for you and achieve the best possible results for your case.

If you are searching for a car accident lawyer in the Chicagoland area, we were be honored to discuss your case without obligation. Our law firm has a combined 45 years of legal experience in personal injury and car accident law. We are available 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week to speak with you.

If you were involved in an auto accident and need help, the Chicago Car Accident Lawyers of Stein & Shulman, LLC has the experiences and resources to help you get the compensation you deserve for you injuries and financial losses.

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