Four People Suffer Injuries in Crash That Sends Car into Autozone

CHICAGO, IL – writes that four people suffered severe injuries after a crash involving two vehicles that struck one another causing one to hit the side of an Autozone on Monday, December 24, 2018, in the South Side of Chicago.*

The collision took place at about 1:50 in the afternoon. The bathroom of the Autozone was severely damaged bythe crash.

The police report indicates that a Dodge Challenger was heading northbound on Ashland at a high rate of speed when it hit a Volkswagen Passat that was trying to make a left turn. The force of the crash caused the Passat to hit a pedestrian and then collide with the building.

Two people were in the Passat when it was hit. The driver and the passenger were both transported to the University of Chicago Hospital where they were both said to be in critical condition. Thepedestrian was taken to the Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, as was the person operating the Dodge. The pedestrian and the driver of the Dodge were both in stable condition.

No one else was hurt in the accident. Original reports falsely reported that 5 people suffered injuries, but later reports indicate that the actual number was 4.

The cause of the crash is still beingdetermined, andthe police are continuing the investigation.

Cars and other passenger vehicles strike buildings more often than many people realize. While some of these accidents are the result of crashes between vehicles, many are simply driver mistakes or pedal errors, where a driver struckthe gas when they intended to hit the brakes.

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