Frequent Facial Injuries in Illinois Car Crashes

Facial injuries in an Illinois auto collision range from the relatively minor, such as a chipped tooth or a black eye, to severe facial lacerations, broken bones, deformed facial features, and burns. The severity and mechanism of injury to the face depends upon the physical factors at play in the crash. The size, weight of a vehicle, and the direction of travel of the vehicle, combined with the speed of the vehicle or vehicles will determine the forces imparted on the body, especially the face.

An accident victim’s face is exposed to danger. Despite the prominence airbags and seatbelt use, facial injuries are incredibly common. They are also the most challenging injuries to endure. Common facial injuries in Chicago car crashes are:

  • Deep, jagged lacerations that can only be closed with precise suturing after plastic or reconstructive surgery.
  • Broken or crushed bones of the face, including the nose, jaw, skull, or eye socket. Severely broken bones could lead to facial deformity. 
  • Eye injuries inflicted by flying debris, especially glass, or striking something hard in or around the eye socket. A person’s eye can sustain damage even if there is no direct strike. Damage inflicted at or near the eye can cause extreme swelling, loss of eyesight, and intense pain.
  • Burns to the face can occur as well, even if there is no fire. The chemical compounds contained in a car’s airbags can cause a chemical burn, or a seatbelt that runs along a person’s head or neck can result in a friction burn. A car fire can also cause the accident victim to suffer burns about the face and head.

Compensation for facial injuries in Illinois car accidents depends mainly on the facts and circumstances of the crash. A car collision victim who suffers facial injuries, especially permanent injuries, from scarring, burns, or deformities deserves to receive the maximum amount of financial compensation allowed under the circumstances.  


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