Friday Morning Truck Rollover Crash Causes Traffic Delays in Utica, Illinois

UTICA, IL- reports that a semi-truck rolled over on Interstate 80 at around 4:46 in the morning on Friday, October 5, 2018. The driver of the truck refused to be transported to the hospital via ambulance.

The driver of the vehicle, 55-year-old Austin Castleberry of Chicago, is facing several charges in relation to the crash. Castleberry is alleged to have violated lane usage lawsand to have driven more than eight hours without resting for 30 minutes.

Morning commuters were still backed up several hours after the crash. The road was opened again at around 9:30 a.m.

Reports indicate that the driver was transporting baked goods at the time of the crash. An investigation into the crash indicates that the driver drove out of the passing lane, left the roadway, struck anemergency crossover pathway that was located in the median, and then rolled onto its side. The back of the trailer was torn open in the crash, and the truck’s wheels were ripped from the vehicle.

The baked goods, including cereal and other breakfast products, remained in the truck. The company sent another truck to collect the products. The trailer was held together with ratchetstraps and then placed onto a flatbed trailer.

Trucks have a higher risk of rolling over than any other vehicles on the road. Large trucks are top heavy and can tip on tight curves especially if they are traveling too fast for the road conditions. Truck drivers must be cautious when operating these massive vehicles that are not easy to maneuver. Unfortunately, many drivers stay behind the wheel for extremely long stretchesof time and can end up fatigued. This puts everyone on the road, including the driver’s themselves, at risk.

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