Head-On Crash in Lake Villa Leaves One Person Clinging to Life

LAKE VILLA, Ill — Lake Villa police and fire responded to a scary head-on crash on Route 83 around 12:45 p.m. according to the Chicago Tribune.* A pickup truck and a Hyundai sports utility vehicle were involved in the head-on collision. The driver of the pickup truck suffered injuries described by authorities as life-threatening. The driver of the Hyundai was also hurt. Authorities said that person’s injuries were not as extensive as the pickup truck driver’s wounds. The accident is under investigation by both the Lake Villa police and the Lake County Major Crash Assistance Team.

Witnesses told Lake Villa Police that they saw a gray Dodge Ram pickup truck headed north on Route 83 began to swerve in the vicinity of Townline Road, but just south of Grass Lake Road. The Dodge Ram weaved into the southbound lane of Route 83 according to those same witnesses and collided with the Hyundai SUV head-on. The Dodge Ram was allegedly traveling at a high rate of speed at the time of the crash.

The collision between the two vehicles was extremely violent. The front driver’s wheel blew off of the Dodge Ram and the driver’s front fender, along with the engine compartment folded down. The driver’s airbag deployed. 

The Hyundai appeared to have sustained the worse of the damage. The Hyundai flipped over upon impact. The collision crushed the driver’s side of the engine compartment and collapsed the space near the driver’s door, ripped off the front bumper, and crushed the windshield.  The front tire on the driver’s side was also shorn off. Additionally, bystanders said that the vehicle caught fire. Fortunately, they quickly extinguished the fire and helped with the accident victims.

The debris field shown in a photo posted by the Chicago Tribune creates the impression that the Dodge Ram was well over the double yellow line and into the southbound lane when the impact happened. Police did not say if any criminal charges would issue.


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