Head-on Crash Kills 16-Year-Old Driver, Injures 3 Others

WAUCONDA, Ill. — A 16-year-old female driver from McHenry, Illinois died, and three teenage passengers sustained injuries when an 18-year-old male driving in the opposite direction slammed into the women head-on. The fatal accident occurred, Friday, March 15, 2019, according to a report filed by CBS Chicago. Local law enforcement officers are still investigating the deadly crash. Officers have issued charges against the 18-year-old male. However, the media report did not specify what charges the teenager will face.

Wauconda police officers responded to a heartbreaking scene Friday evening. Upon arrival at the locus of the accident on Route 12 near Case Road, officers found that two cars had collided head-on. Four teenagers occupied one of the cars reported to be a Ford Focus. Behind the wheel was a 16-year-old driver from McHenry, Illinois along with two 14-year-old passengers and a 15-year-old passenger. In the other vehicle, police located a Hyundai Elantra with an 18-year-old teenage driver from Cary, Illinois. 

The driver of the Ford Focus was in critical condition upon arriving at Good Sheppard Hospital in Barrington, Illinois. She succumbed to her injuries not long after arriving at the hospital. The driver of the Elantra and two of the passengers from the Focus also received treatment at Good Sheppard Hospital. One of the 14-year-old passengers received treatment at Northwestern McHenry Hospital but was later released. The physical condition of the other teenagers was not made public.

In 2016, the Illinois Department of Transportation reported that 332,473 accidents happened in the state. Only, 2,724 head-on collisions happened that year. Among those collisions, 113 people lost their lives, 1,121 people suffered an injury and 325 sustained a severe or catastrophic injury, described as an “An injury.” 

Head-on crashes can happen for any number of reasons. In the incident that occurred in Wauconda on Friday, the police report that the crossed over the center line of Route 12. Other causes include driving distracted, driving while intoxicated, and driving while fatigued.


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