Helping Your Teen Avoid a Car Accident by Stein Shulman, LLC

Teenagers in the United States are more prone to vehicle crashes than people in any other demographic. As a parent, you can help your children avoid a car accident by encouraging safe driving and forming safe habits early.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 2,000 teenagers die annually in vehicle accidents. The CDC also indicates that car crashes are the leading cause of death for young people ages 16 to 19.

One of the best methods of combatting car accidents is experience. A large reason why teens are so prone to accidents is they simply do not have enough experience with driving. You can help your teen gain extra experience that will improve safety by practicing driving as often as possible. It is best to start these lessons when your teen is in the learner-permit stage of driving.

You should begin your lessons with your teen on clear, sunny days and at times when the sun will not be in his or her eyes. Gradually, you should introduce different elements to the lessons, like driving at night, driving in the rain, and driving at sunrise or sunset. Your teen will encounter all of these situations behind the wheel, and it will help if the first experiences are with you in the car, too. 

Another important factor in helping your teen is talking about the dangers of distracted driving. Teen vehicle accidents are often caused by distractions, either from electronics or from friends in the car. Make a point to have conversations with your teenager early and often about leaving the cell phone out of reach while driving and learning to focus on the road in other times of distraction.

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