Hidden Car Accident Injuries

Sometimes people are involved in a car accident, and they get out of their vehicle and are able to walk away from the crash scene. These individuals may feel fortunate to have escaped a harrowing experience unscathed with nothing but damage to their vehicle.

However, as time passes, it might become apparent that the person did, in fact, suffer injuries, but that those injuries had a delayed onset. This is a fairly common thing to happen after car crashes. Right after an accident, adrenaline is running high, and people may not realize that they are really not in a good mental place to determine whether or not they are injured. These people should seek medical attention just to be sure that nothing is wrong, especially since many injuries that people suffer in a car crash can have few or no outward signs.

Additionally, some injuries simply do not present immediately. When the body suffers harm, it must try to repair the injuries. This can lead to inflammation and swelling in the places where the injuries took place. This might not happen right away but can take place in the hours or days following a car accident.

Nerve injuries and damage to internal organs can impact a person following a crash even when there were no immediate signs of these injuries. Concussions and even more severe head injuries including brain injuries can appear after a crash despite there being little indication that something was wrong at the time of the accident.

Whiplash often takes place following a crash, and it tends to appear and increase after a crash. If a car accident victim is unsure as to whether they were injured, it is important to seek medical attention right away.

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