Hip Injuries Compensation After Injured in a Car Accident

Motorists, truck drivers, motorcycle riders, bicycle riders, and pedestrians are all at risk for suffering a hip injury in a Chicago motor vehicle accident. Broken hip bones are painful injuries from which one can recover. Many complications are attendant with fractured hips as well. These injuries can lead to daily agony, which ultimately diminishes the joy one experiences in life. 

Motorcycle riders, cyclists, and pedestrians commonly sustain broken hips in a Chicago car accident. The force of the vehicle striking the body is a primary reason for fractured hip bones. Any person not in a car could easily suffer a hip injury from the first contact with another vehicle as well as when the person lands on the ground. Forces of two impacts are indeed more than powerful enough to break a hip, even in a younger person.

Motorists can suffer a broken hip in a car accident as well. Any traveler, in a passenger car, SUV or large truck can undergo a fractured hip in a crash when the impact jams his or her leg. The upper leg bone can be thrust into the bony hip socket, causing a break. Also, a side impact can cause a fracture, primarily when the impact zone is centered on the person’s hip bones. Similarly, a rollover accident can cause a broken hip bone. The person’s leg might become trapped and turn at an unnatural angle, placing insurmountable force on the hip joint, and thereby leading the bone to break. 

Fractured hips are painful injuries that have numerous possible complications. The joints surrounding the broken hip may heal incorrectly and become deformed or develop arthritis. The fractured hip might render one leg shorter than the other. That disturbs the person’s gait and can cause other back and leg issues. Furthermore, the victim could sustain vascular injuries to the arteries and veins surrounding the damaged bone, delaying healing or causing even greater medical complications. 

For those reasons and many others, a person suffering from a hip fracture sustained in a car accident should fight to obtain the maximum amount of settlement possible.


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