Hit-and-Run Accident in St. Charles, Illinois

ST. CHARLES, Ill. — Police cast a wide net to capture the suspect they believe ran away from a pedestrian accident that left a young girl clinging to life. According to NBC Chicago, the police found the person they think is responsible for nearly killing the seven-year-old girl. Police say the 42-year-old man whom police charged with the crime surrendered himself to Kane County law enforcement authorities on Monday, May 13, 2019. The man turned himself in to police around 12:15 p.m. on Monday afternoon. He now faces several criminal charges. *

Law enforcement investigators reported that a black Dodge pickup truck driving on Geneva Avenue in the unincorporated township of St. Charles located in Kane County struck the seven-year-old girl. The girl was riding a bicycle at the time of the collision. Medics airlifted the badly injured child to Lutheran General Hospital. Authorities said her injuries were possibly life-threatening. 

Sheriff’s deputies said that the driver of the truck involved in the crash drove from the scene. The driver stopped the truck and ran away on foot. Deputies said he jumped into a nearby river and ran through several backyards. Officers examined the truck and determined that it belonged to the person whom they charged. Investigators sought the public’s help apprehending the suspected hit-and-run driver. Accordingly, they released a mug shot of the suspect from 2017 to the media.

The 42-year-old driver of the pickup truck faces a slew of criminal charges including driving with a revoked license, driving an uninsured vehicle, failing to slow down to avoid a crash, fleeing the scene of an accident, and also refusing to report an accident that caused injuries. 

The latest information about the injured victim is that she is on the mend. According to NBC Chicago, a relative of the child posted an update on social media and said that the girl suffered a couple of broken bones but is otherwise expected to make a full recovery.