Hit-and-Run Crash in Chicago’s Northwest Side

CHICAGO, IL- The chicago.suntimes.com writes that a driver struck a 75-year-old man on Chicago’s Northwest side at about 5:35 in the evening on January 21, 2019. The driver, identified as male, hit the victim while driving on North Cicero Avenue and then fled the scene of the accident.*

The victim was transported to the Illinois Masonic Medical Center where he was in critical condition. The suspect is described as a Hispanic man who had a mustache and was wearing beige pants, a black shirt and glasses at the time of the incident. The vehicle appears to have been a black Volvo.

Police are requesting information about the accident.

Hit-and-run crashes are becoming more common throughout the United States. Unfortunately, while many parts of the country are working to reduce traffic-related deaths, there are many drivers who still leave the scene of injury causing and fatal crashes. These drivers often escape justice as police are unable to track them down or identify the culprits. In some instances, the police departments simply lack the resources to pursue these cases fully.

Drivers who commit these acts are frequently those who are in violation of another traffic-related law. Drunk or drugged drivers are common culprits because these drivers may lack the impulse control necessary to stop a person from fleeing and because they also know that if they are caught, they will likely face severe legal penalties for their actions. In other situations, drivers simply panic and flee the scene.

In many places, the laws have been altered to increase the penalties for drivers who leave crash sites. However, the increased penalties do little to deter drivers if those drivers do not believe that they will ever be caught.

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