How Do You Know it’s the Right Time to Get a Lawyer in an Illinois Car Accident Case?

Injured victims may believe that they can handle their insurance claim personally. However, trying to do so is foolhardy. Indeed, anyone can argue with an insurance company over what they believe is right and just. Notwithstanding, insurance companies have methods of delaying claims when it benefits them or paying claims quickly, although for pennies on the dollar when that method suits them. What people do not realize until they are knee deep in negotiations with an insurance company, is that the insurer holds all of the power. The accident victim is virtually powerless unless he or she hires a savvy, experienced, and knowledgeable Chicago accident attorney to take over.

The benefits of having an accident attorney represent you in negotiations with an insurance adjuster or insurance company defense lawyer far outweigh the risks. A Chicago lawyer with extensive experience fighting for injured victims will know and understand procedural and substantive law thoroughly. Meaning, the experienced accident attorney from Chicago will understand the subtleties of Illinois law and when to argue the law if doing so benefits you. Furthermore, your lawyer will know when to file your case in court, so you do not lose because you missed the statute of limitations.

 Thorough and complete preparation of your case is another benefit of hiring an attorney. Most pro se, meaning by themselves, litigants do not understand how to prove a case in court. People uninitiated with the law cannot know what evidence is required to win, how evidence must be presented in court, and, equally as necessary, what evidence, such as hearsay, may not be admitted at trial. Laws of evidence in Illinois are complex and complicated. Even the most seasoned trial lawyers study the rules of evidence so they can persuade a judge to allow the jury to consider relevant evidence as well as keep out damning evidence.

Without a lawyer’s expertise and unbridled dedication to your cause, you could lose out on the compensation you should receive.


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