How to Avoid a Car Accident in Chicago

Car accidents are a frequent occurrence on Chicago’s busy roadways, but there are several ways you can avoid causing or becoming the victim of a vehicle collision. In this blog, the experienced car accident attorneys at Stein & Shulman, LLC, discuss tips and strategies to keep yourself safe on the road.

Check your speed, and mind speed limit postings.

Be mindful of speed limit postings, and ensure you are continually aware of your speed. One of the leading causes of car crashes in Chicago is excessive speed. It is much easier to lose control of your car if you are driving too fast. Even if you frequently drive on a specific road, speed limits can change, and you might find yourself traveling too fast for a certain area. Look out for school zones and construction zones, as well, which will have different speed limits.

Always keep your full attention on the road.

The temptation to check your phone at a stoplight or during your work commute can be extreme, but it is always safer to refrain. Illinois law prohibits cell phone use while driving (even when your vehicle is stopped), and failure to follow this law can result in a fine at best and a serious accident at worst. You should also refrain from other distracted driving behaviors, such as eating, reading, fussing with your radio or navigation, and sorting through or search for items in the car. Your eyes are off the road for a longer amount of time than you realize when you engage in these activities, and an accident can occur in mere seconds.

Do not follow other cars too closely.

Along the lines of distracted driving, many of these accidents occur because drivers are following too closely. If you do not leave yourself enough space, you can easily rear-end the car in front of you when you take your eyes off the road for a few seconds. Regardless of what you’re doing in the car, it is always safer to follow at a reasonable distance. You will avoid situations of road rage this way and will protect yourself from an accident in the event the car in front of you stops suddenly.

Allow yourself more time during inclement weather.

Before you set out for your destination, check the weather and adjust your route or your anticipated arrival time accordingly. Chicago sees a lot of annual rain and snow, and you should always allow yourself the time to drive slowly and safely during periods of inclement weather. If you’re instead rushing to be somewhere, you are more likely to cause a vehicle accident when the roads are wet or slick.

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