How to Get the Most Out of Your Claim Against GEICO

GEICO is a popular insurance company in Illinois and across the United States. The company persistently markets its products as a lower priced alternative to the other large insurers doing business in the United States like Progressive, State Farm, Liberty Mutual, and Farmers — to name a few. The cost savings passed onto the auto insurance consumer might be an attractive alternative to purchasing a policy from another company. On the one hand, the consumer wins, but on the other hand, a person injured by a driver insured by GEICO will have a very different experience.

GEICO is well-known for being very difficult to deal with when claiming personal injuries. GEICO has a reputation for refusing to pay even adequate damages to victims injured by drivers insured by the company. Therefore, an Illinois car accident victim who sustained injuries due to the negligence of a driver insured by GEICO must contact an experienced, knowledgeable, and successful car accident attorney as soon as possible after the collision. 

An aggressive Illinois car crash attorney who has experience filing claims against GEICO will understand how to best prepare your claim by collecting the most persuasive evidence available to protect your rights. Gathering police reports, witness statements, and physical evidence from the crash scene if available like photographs, surveillance video, and data recorders from the vehicles will assist your Illinois auto accident lawyer in proving the driver insured by GEICO was negligent. Your attorney will also pursue the maximum amount of damages by gathering medical records, treatment records, medical bills, and lost wage information.

An attorney with experience litigating claims against GEICO can anticipate the company’s offers to settle will most likely be “low-ball offers.” Offering nuisance settlement amounts essentially lowers the accident victim’s expectations. The victim is more likely to accept an offer that is wholly unjust if GEICO raises its proposal after low-balling the victim. Those are tough negotiating tactics and its how GEICO makes money. However, having a tough, experienced, and aggressive Illinois car crash injury lawyer in your corner will help you have the most successful claim against a GEICO policyholder.


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