I Fell – Do I Need A Lawyer?

You sustained injuries in a fall, and you’re not sure what to do next. The fastest answer, before you read any further, is to call a lawyer and get some FREE advice. To speak with one of the attorneys at our law firm is free of charge and we can answer all of your questions for you immediately. Acting fast and getting the advice and guidance you need is imperative after you have sustained a fall. Falls can happen in a million different places for a variety of reasons. City sidewalks, shopping centers and malls, common areas of apartment and building complexes and parking lots and garages are just a few examples of places where someone might fall. And the reasons that you fell can range anywhere from liquids and ice to cracked sidewalks and stairs to poor lighting and failure to have adequate handicap accommodations.

The injury lawyers at Stein & Shulman have helped people obtain millions of dollars in settlements in slip and fall cases and work with numerous safety experts to help prove your case. We will assist you in every aspect of your case, from making sure you get to the right medical professionals and making sure your bills are being paid to getting you compensation for lost time from work to proving that there was a dangerous condition that caused your fall which the property owner was aware of.

The first initial concern in any slip and fall case is making sure that the owner of the property where you fell is immediately notified of your fall. If you fell in the grocery store or mall or apartment complex, you need to notify the staff at the property of your fall immediately. You then need to make sure pictures are taken of the dangerous condition which caused your fall. Spilled liquids or cracked sidewalks or broken hand railings can quickly be cleaned up and repaired in the hours after your fall so you want to make sure that you take pictures with your phone or camera of the condition so you can show what the area looked like at the time of the accident. If you have to send a family member back the scene that same day than you should.

Our law firm acts fast to preserve these facts and can immediately spring into action if we are notified immediately after your accident. We can speak directly with the insurance company for the property owner and set up your claim to ensure that you receive full compensation for your injuries. You have a number of things to worry about after an accident – namely going to see your medical providers to receive treatment for your injuries which often in a fall can be severe.

You do not have time to be your own lawyer and investigator. Call our firm and let us handle everything for you. We don’t charge any hourly fees or ask for any money up front. We take a percentage of your settlement and front all costs. Most importantly, it doesn’t cost you anything to pick up the phone and call us and get some FREE advice from an expert on slip and fall cases. Call 312.422.0500. Our attorneys are standing by to help guide you through this process.