Illinois Auto Accident Law Firm Discusses Facial Injuries

Facial injuries and scarring are common injuries that arise out of auto accidents. Anytime one vehicle strikes another car, or a vehicle hits a motorcycle, cyclist, or pedestrian, the people involved are at an elevated risk of sustaining a facial injury. Injuries to the face can be severe and the consequences of the injury far-reaching. Not only are facial injuries painful, but the resulting scars are also a constant reminder of the incident which caused them. Facial injuries are associated with deep, persistent psychological distress that can last long after the wounds have healed. Facial injuries are more than lacerations. Facial injuries are a broad category of injuries encompassing broken bones, injured eyes, injured teeth and jaws, and soft tissue injuries as well.

Facial injuries can happen in an accident in various ways. Shattered glass could rain on the victim’s face and head, causing cuts to the face or the head and face could slam into the dashboard and windshield. The powerful explosion of an airbag can inflict severe injuries to the face, head, and neck as well. The head can also be thrown about in a sideswipe collision and bounce off or through a side window. These injuries and others could be inflicted in an Illinois auto collision despite the advent of various safety mechanisms that make autos safer than ever.

The safety advances do not protect other categories of accident victims. Motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians are at risk to experience a facial injury in an accident. Many times, the victim’s legs get knocked out from beneath the person, and the victim collides face-first with the vehicle. The brute force behind that collision is so significant that it can easily break bones, dislocate bones, and lead to substantial lacerations.

The person responsible for causing the crash that leads to facial injuries is responsible for compensating the victim. The victim’s medical bills and lost wages may be significant. So too would the pain and suffering the victim endured. A facial scar or injury can be permanent and forever alter the way a person sees herself or himself, and the way the world sees that person. 


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