Do Illinois Car Accident Claims Go To Court?

Can A Settlement Be Made At A Deposition?

Not every Chicago car accident claim goes to court. Some cases settle without having to go to court while other situations require litigation to resolve. Our Chicago Accident Lawyers pride themselves on working as hard as they can to settle their clients’ cases before filing a case in court. However, they will not settle a case if the settlement is unjust or unfair for their client. Stein & Shulman’s attorneys believe in seeking justice for their clients who were injured through no fault of their own in a Chicago-area auto accident.

Accumulating The Documentary And Physical Evidence For Your Auto Accident

The attorneys at Stein & Shulman, LLC begin working on your case as soon as you meet with them. Any delay in pursuing a client’s case could be detrimental to that client. Stein & Shulman want to put their clients in the best position as possible. They go to work immediately accumulating all of the documentary and physical evidence from your accident. They know how to preserve evidence to which they do not have access.

Your legal team at Stein & Shulman, LLC will assemble:

  • Medical records,
  • Medical bills,
  • Wage information,
  • Expert opinions relating to duration of recovery and earnings capacity (if required to prove the case),
  • Police reports,
  • Accident reports,
  • 911 calls,
  • Photographs of the scene and the vehicles involved, and
  • Witness statements.

After obtaining all of the required information, then Stein & Shulman’s accident attorneys are in a strong position to demand a settlement. The insurance company might give a low offer for a quick settlement, just to close their file. While you have the rights to settle your case, Stein & Shulman, LLC will thoroughly discuss your options and the benefits of settling. Remember, you have the final say. However, you can rely on Stein & Shulman’s extensive experience negotiating and settling cases just like yours to guide your decision.

In the event that the insurance company refuses to make a reasonable and just offer to settle, you will have the option to take the lowball offer or seek justice in court. Additionally, you will need to file a claim in court to avoid the statute of limitations running on your case. In Illinois, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims is two (2) years. Failing to preserve your claim by allowing the statute of limitations to run will forever bar you from recovery. Therefore, it is important to keep that in mind when you are pursuing your claims.

You have the opportunity to continue to negotiate a settlement even after you file a case in court. Additionally, you can avail yourself of alternate dispute resolution such as arbitration or mediation to help resolve your claim before trial. Stein & Shulman’s car accident lawyers are not afraid to try a case. They have accumulated over $40 million in settlements and jury verdicts. A law firm cannot claim that track record without knowing how to try a case.

Stein & Shulman: 45+ Years Of Combined Experience For The Injured

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