Illinois Implements New Car Seat Law

CHICAGO, IL- writes that Illinois is implementing a new car seat law that requires that children under the age of 2 remain in rear-facing car seats. The law will take effect on January 1, 2019. The law recognizes the position of child safety experts who say that the position of a child’s car seat can determine the difference betweensurviving a car crash or not.*

Rear-facing child seats are much safer for small children, and it is recommended that children remain in rear-facing seats for more than the now legally required 2 years. Parents are counseled to keep their children inthe rear-facing position as long as possible.

Parents sometimes find that the rear-facing seats lead to their child’s legs being pushed against the back of the seat and that the child appears to be squished. However, experts say that it is perfectly safe for children’s legs to be in any position in the rear-facing seat, whether crossed, to the side, or up.

While most parents try to put their children safely in car seats, the reality is the majority of people fail to install these seats properly. Parents should have someone certified and trained in car seat safety look at their seat installation to ensure that it was done properly.

While the law could make parents liable for failing to have a rear-facingseat, the reality is that people should be following this guideline regardless of any legal ramifications because it is the best way to protect a child. The law is meant to promote safety and awareness of cat seat best-practices.

Parents should look at seat demos and find the best fit for their child and their vehicle.

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