Illinois Man Injured in a Semi-truck Accident Near Beatrice, Nebraska

Illinois Man Injured in Nebraska Wreck

BEATRICE, Nebraska– April 25, 2018 (KWBE News) According to an article on, an Illinois man was injured in a collision between a semi-truck and a car near Beatrice, Nebraska. The two vehicles that collided were traveling in the same direction at the time that the accident happened.

It is unclear from the news article exactly how or why the two vehicles collided. Drivers of passenger vehicles should be aware that crashes between tractor-trailers and passenger vehicles are relatively frequent. Drivers of semi trucks receive a lot of training about how to drive safely in all kinds of situations. While some accidents involving tractor trailers and passenger cars are the fault of the truck driver, the driver of the passenger vehicle is sometimes the one who causes the wreck. Drivers of passenger vehicles can also learn how to drive more safely near tractor trailers.

For example, drivers can use caution when passing semi trucks, because many car and semi-truck accidents happen in passing situations. Completing your pass promptly, so that you pass through any blind spots quickly. Semi-tractor trailer trucks have large blind spots, and if your car is in a blind spot, the truck driver cannot see you at all. For that reason, avoid spending time near the front or rear corners of 18-wheeler trucks. Also, be sure that you are well ahead of the truck before moving back into the other lane are also helpful.

Another important safety strategy for drivers is to avoid driving while tired or distracted. Tired drivers and distracted drivers often drift into other lanes, and if a tractor trailer is in a lane and a car drifts into it, the result is often a tragic wreck.