Illinois Rear-End Accident FAQs

Can’t I Handle this Case Myself?

Rear-end crashes are the most frequently recorded accident in Illinois. Every day in Chicago and elsewhere in the state, people suffer serious, debilitating injuries in rear-end accidents. Liability for a rear-end accident in Illinois might seem like a no-brainer. Most people believe that the driver of the car who struck the back of another car is responsible. In Illinois, the law obligates you to control your car at all times and avoid contacting other vehicles. However, rear-end accidents can happen because the driver in front was somehow negligent. So, even though at first blush a rear-end accident looks like a straightforward case, they can be very complicated, and you could lose a tremendous amount of settlement money if you do not hire a skilled, knowledgeable, and highly experienced rear-end crash attorney.

Why Do Rear-End Crashes Happen?

Most frequently inattentiveness is to blame for a rear-end crash. People just cannot seem to help themselves. They stare at their cell phones, allow their mind to wander, play with the radio or GPS, and suddenly they are on top of the car in front of them with no room to stop.

Texting and driving is not the only cause of rear-end accidents in Illinois, however. Intoxication is another common cause of rear-end crashes and so too is speeding. Tailgating is illegal in Illinois, yet many drivers insist on driving aggressively and tailgating the car in front. Finally, driving carelessly on wet, slippery, snowy, or icy roads also contributes to causing a rear-end crash. Drivers are responsible for avoiding an accident even in inclement weather. 

Common Injuries from Rear-End Crashes

Anything can happen to the occupants of a vehicle when another car slams into it from behind. However, the most common injuries from rear-end crashes in Illinois include whiplash, ruptured discs, broken bones, lacerations, contusions, muscle strains, and dislocated limbs. Deaths and catastrophic injury are rare but can happen as well. 


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