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ILLINOIS- writes that five crashes involving school students at school bus stops took place last week within a period of just three days. On Thursday, November 1, 2018, seven people in Tampa were struck by a vehicle while they were at a school bus stop. The victims included five children and two adults.

The first of this week’s crashes happened in Indiana on Tuesday. In that tragic accident, three children were killed. Another child died in a school bus crash in Mississippi, and a fifth in Pennsylvania.

Police are requesting that drivers pay attention when driving near school buses. Many children walk themselves to the buses and have to cross streets to get to the location where they are picked up. School children are at risk while they are getting on or off of school buses. While the buses themselves are considered extremely safe, the protections are for students on the bus. Many school-agechildren are struck by cars in the time just before and just after school.

In Illinois, if a school bus is using its red flashing lights, then drivers must stop. It is illegal for drivers to pass school busesthat have theirlights flashing and stop sign extended. The penalty for passing a school bus that is using its stop sign is a license suspension. Drivers who drive around these vehicles when the signs are outand thelights are flashing lose their license for 3 months.

Drivers should always be paying attention. School buses are bright yellow because they are designed to be highly visible on the road. School buses are designed with safety in mind and part of trying to make them safe is making them too big and bright to not notice. It is important for drivers who see these buses to be cautious and aware of what is happening and of the fact that children might be in the vicinity.

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