Indiana Woman Killed in Chicago Heights Hit-and-Run Crash

Chicago Heights, Illinois – October 23, 2018 – The Chicago Heights Patch says police are investigating a hit-and-run accident that left a thirty-five-year-old Indiana woman dead. Authorities say that sometime around two in the morning on Sunday, a vehicle hit the woman somewhere in the 1000 block area of East 14th Street. Emergency workers were unable to revive her after she was found lying on the ground, in a field off of 14th Street.

A joint effort is underway between the South Suburban Major Accident Reconstruction Team and the Chicago Heights Police Department’s Accident Investigation unit to find out more about the hit-and-run crash. It is possible that they will be able, with the help of people in the community, to find out who hit and killed the woman so that the responsible person or people can be brought to justice. Many hit and run drivers are apprehended because of the efforts of witnesses and passers-by. People who were in the area near the crash when it happened often know valuable information that authorities can use to identify a vehicle, locate suspects, and help them develop the beginnings of a description of what happened and who might be responsible. It is essential that people in the Chicago Heights community know that even people who were not at the accident scene may be able to provide useful information to authorities after a hit and run collision like the one described above. For example, if you see a description of a vehicle suspected of being involved in a hit-and-run on the news and you remember seeing that vehicle somewhere after the crash, the information about where and when you saw it could aid authorities in their investigation.

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