Injuries Commonly Experienced in Premises Liability Claims in Chicago

Premises liability is the general term that describes an incident that injures or kills another while the victim was on another’s land or property with permission. Some examples of Chicago premises liability accidents include slipping and falling at a store, getting food poisoning after eating at a local restaurant, suffering a dog bite, drowning, and coming in contact with live electrical wires. Illinois law obligates a landowner or person occupying the premises to prevent injury to invited guests and the public at large from hazards that are known or should be known to the people in charge of the premises when the injury occurred.

Falls cause substantial damage to the victim. Injuries from a fall range from death to broken bones, as well as strains and sprains. A fallen victim could sustain a traumatic brain injury in the fall if the victim hits his or her head on the ground forcefully or some other kind of hard object. Also, arms, writs, legs, hips, knees, and ankles are susceptible to fracture in falls. People reflexively shoot their arms out to break their fall, often leaving them with broken arms. A person of any age could break his or her hip in a fall. However, older people tend to suffer from broken hips with greater regularity.

Dog bite victims can sustain massive lacerations, broken hands, and fingers, in addition to other injuries depending on how the animal attack occurred. Dog bite victims may require extensive skin graft surgery to repair the damage. Also, dog bites often become infected and leave scars as well. 

Falling into a pool is a significant danger, especially for children. Brain damage can set in within only a few moments after a victim is deprived of oxygen while under water. If the victim survives being submerged, they could experience brain damage that will endure for a lifetime. 

A person lucky enough to survive a fire or electrocution might emerge with terrible burns. Burn injuries are incredibly painful and difficult to rehabilitate. Additionally, the burn victim is susceptible to infection and deformity as well. 


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