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Traumatic brain injuries are one of the most devastating consequences of a serious car accident. Collision-related brain trauma can have devastating results and cause permanent impairment of cognitive functioning, loss of mobility, and the inability to communicate, as well as permanent disability. Car accidents are a leading cause of traumatic brain injuries in people under the age of 75, and the leading cause of long-term disability among children, teens, and young adults according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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Traumatic Brain Injuries Affect the Lives of Many Car Accident Victims

There are an estimated two million people nationally who suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI) each year with 14.3 percent caused by traffic accidents. These injuries are often very severe and result in fifty thousand TBI fatalities. More than 80,000 additional TBI victims suffer some form of severe and prolonged cognitive impairment or disability. These statistics significantly understate the scope of the problem because only auto accident victims who are treated in a hospital are reflected in these numbers. This fact means that these statistics do not include patients who seek medical care from their physician in his or her office, or those that are taken to an emergency room for treatment without hospital admission.

How Vehicle Occupants Suffer Brain Damage in Traffic Accidents

Brain injuries suffered in car accidents can happen in a variety of ways. These serious debilitating injuries can occur when the head of a vehicle occupant suffers a blunt force impact with the dashboard or windshield of a motor vehicle. Another common cause of car accident brain trauma involves a sudden jolt when the head is thrown forward and then stops suddenly. The force of the impact may cause a vehicle occupant’s head to continue forward so that the brain impacts the hard inside of the skull. This whiplash type injury is referred to as a closed head injury because the trauma to the brain occurs inside the skull.

Types of Brain Injuries Causing Impaired Cognitive Functioning

Because the brain has a soft gelatin consistency, it is extremely vulnerable to trauma during a collision when it impacts the skull, which is hard and inflexible. During the force of impact during a car accident, the brain does not travel at the same speed as the skull because of the disparity in their weight. Because the skull and brain move at different rates of speed during a collision, the brain can suffer direct injury due to serious contusions, swelling of the brain, and axonal shearing.

Diffuse axonal shearing occurs when the brain is propelled forward then backward inside the skull, resulting in it being first squeezed or compressed and then stretched because of the soft gelatinous nature of the brain. The fragile axons of the neurons also suffer from this process of compression and stretching. If the force of the collision is severe enough, the axons may be stretched to the point that they tear, which is referred to as axonal shearing and can cause the neurons to die.

Brain injuries impact the central nervous system and can result in anything from mild migraine headaches to paralysis or even death. If you have suffered any form of brain trauma in a car accident, regardless of how minor you regard the injury, you should seek prompt evaluation and treatment from a medical professional. If another party caused the car accident, you also should seek prompt legal advice from an experienced Chicago car accident brain trauma attorney so that you can pursue the fullest financial recovery for your injuries.

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