Interstate 270 East Closed After Crash in Troy, Illinois

TROY, Ill. — Interstate 270 eastbound turned into a parking lot due to an early morning crash involving two tractor-trailer trucks that closed the road. reported that a collision between two big rigs around 5:00 a.m. on Thursday, October 18, 2018, compelled local police as well as state police to close the highway eastbound and reroute all other traffic so that work crews could remove the damaged semi-trucks and clear the debris from the road. Law enforcement officers assigned to investigate the crash continue to sort out evidence in an attempt to reach a conclusion as to what occurred.*

Photographs taken at the scene of the accident show a double-trailer partially on its side on the grassy center median strip with the first trailer and the tractor perpendicular to the travel lanes. There was no information available about the damage to the second tractor-trailer. Some reports from the scene indicated that the second vehicle involved was a tanker truck. However, law enforcement officers did not confirm what type of vehicle was involved.

Traffic backed up for miles just before dawn on I-270 east. Consequently, police diverted all eastbound traffic onto Illinois Route 55 southbound. Re-routing of traffic did not produce the desired result. The mounting traffic severely delayed commuters as tow truck operators brought heavy equipment to the scene. The heavy equipment was necessary to right the double trailer that flipped onto its side. The process took some time because turning over the flipped truck was difficult because it was a double trailer.

Police and media did their part to alert commuters to the gridlock on I-270 and encouraged drivers to find less-crowded routes to their destinations. Despite the efforts of the officers and media, vehicles flooded the highway creating a traffic jam that lasted for quite some time.

Police did not indicate which driver is at fault for the crash nor did they mention whether anyone was hurt in the matter.

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