Is a Hotel Liable if a Guest is Raped in the State of Illinois?

IL- reports that a premises liability case involving a Holiday Innlocated in Skokie was reversedand remanded after the appellate court sided with the plaintiffs, and found that a rape that occurred on the hotel premises created liability for the defendant, Holiday Inn Chicago.

On October 2, 2018, the plaintiff, Karla Gress was staying at the Holiday Inn Chicago-Skokie. Karla ate dinner at the hotel restaurant and had an alcoholic beverage. Karla then returned to her hotel room where a hotel security guard allegedly raped her while she was unconscious.

The guard accused of raping Karla was employed by the hotel, and reportedly also performed some maintenance related work at the Holiday Inn. The alleged rapist was named as Alhagie Singhateh. Karla and her husband filed a lawsuit claiming that Singhateh had committed assault and battery, that he intentionally inflicted emotional distress, and was guilty of gender violence. The plaintiffs filed a premises liability claim against Lakhani Hospitality, Inc., the company that owned and operated the hotel, and a lawsuit against Intercontinental and Hostmark Hospitality Group, Inc., which is the company that hired Singhateh. The plaintiffs claimed that the company that hired Singhateh failed to discover that he had previously been arrested for soliciting a prostitute and claimed the company was negligent for hiring him.

The court found that a special relationship exists between the owner of the hotel the employee security guard, and the victim who was a guest. The court also stated that the sexual assault was reasonably foreseeable.

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