Lawsuit Filed Against Boeing Over Fatal Lion Air Plane Crash

USA- writes that the family of the pilot who was operating the Lion Air aircraft that crashed last October in Indonesia has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the plane, Boeing. The lawsuit was filed on Friday, December 28, 2018, and it alleged that the plane was defective, which led to the deadly crash.*

The case was filed in Cook County, Illinois.

Theflight took off from an airport in Jakarta, Indonesia and then plummeted into the ocean just minutes later causing the deaths of all 189 people on the aircraft. The plane was a Boeing 737 Max 8, which was relatively new. The lawsuit alleges that Boeing manufactured and sold a defective aircraft that was “in a condition that rendered it unreasonably dangerous for its intended use.”

Boeingdid not offer any comments on the pending litigation.

Early investigations into the cause of the tragic crash indicate that the pilots were struggling to work with the plane’s malfunctioning automatic systems, but that the pilots were unable to correct for the system errors and the plane went down.

The nose of the plane continued to pull down because of the faulty systems, andthe pilots were continuously trying to work against the downward pull. The data used by the system was incorrectly reporting the angle of the nose at a higher angle than it was actually at, and as a result, the system believed that the plane was at risk of stalling, and so to correct, it was pulling the plane downward.

A similar situation was experienced on an earlier flight on the same aircraft, and the previous crew turned off the automatic controls and flew the plane manually.

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