Lower Body Injuries from an Illinois Car Accident

Illinois car accidents can result in numerous types of injuries, including injuries to the lower body. These injuries can be particularly painful and disruptive to a person’s life, as they significantly limit a person’s mobility following the accident. 

Lower body injuries from a car accident can include:

  • Feet and ankle injuries – A person’s feet and ankles support the rest of the body while walking and standing. Feet and ankle injuries can result from twisting or crushing during the accident, and a person might be unable to bear weight on the affected foot or ankle.  
  • Knee injuries – The knee is a complex joint that is critical for walking. In a forceful event like a car accident, the knee can be injured in several ways, including damage to the tendons or ligaments, injury to the kneecap, or dislocation of the knee. Any injury to the knee can result in temporary or permanent limitations in mobility.
  • Thigh injuries – The intense impact of a car accident places a lot of strain on the body, and a person might be thrown into objects in the vehicle. It is not uncommon for a car accident victim to hit the steering wheel, dash, door or other object with their knee or thigh. Blows to the knee and thigh can result in fractured or broken femurs.
  • Hip injuries – Depending on the angle and velocity of the car accident, a person might injure a hip. If the person’s body is thrown to the side, such that a hip collides with the door or side of the car, a broken hip can result. These injuries can require costly and grueling recovery. 

Car accident victims who suffer these lower body injuries might be entitled to compensation, including damages for medical bills, pain and suffering, and more.


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