Man From Joliet Killed in Christmas Day Car Crash in Will County, Illinois

WILL COUNTY, IL – writes that a man died in a car crash on Christmas day, December 25, 2018, in Will County. The victim was identified as 27-year-old Mathew J. Greaney. Greaney was driving on Route 6 when he was involved in a crash with another vehicle. Greaney was rushed to the Silver Cross Hospital where he was declared dead at about 10:30 p.m.*

The accident is being investigated by Illinois State Police.Results from an autopsy and toxicology test are still pending.

Holidays are notoriously dangerous for driving. There are more people on the roads trying to get to their destinations, andmany people are driving after celebrations that involve alcohol. One study conducted indicated that the single most dangerous holiday for driving was Memorial Day. The average annual death toll was found to be 312. Labor Day and July 4 were other hazardous days for being on the road with averages of 308 and 307 respectively.

Christmas was found to be the least deadly holiday for car crashes, following New Year’s Eve. There is a major push to deter drivers from drinking and driving on New Year’s Eve, which might be part of the reason for thelower number of fatal car crashes.

However, on New Year’s Eve, a high percentageof fatal accidents are caused by alcohol consumption. On average 42 percent of all traffic deaths were the result of impaired driving. Christmas was lower than all other major holidays with only 35 percent of crashes involving alcohol.

In addition to never driving under the influence, it is important to refrain from texting and driving.

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