Man From Tinley Park Killed in Interstate 80 Collision

SOUTH HOLLAND, IL- writes that a man from Tinley Park died in a crash on Interstate 80 close to the border of Indiana on Thanksgiving Day. The victim was identified as 67-year-old William Wermes died about an hour after the collision.

The accident took place at around 10:15at night in the westbound lanes of Interstate 80.

The police have not released details about thecause of the accident.

Thanksgiving Day is possibly the most dangerous day of the year to be on the road. Traffic is heavy during the Thanksgiving weekend. Many people are traveling for the holidays, and some of them may be traveling in places with which they are not familiar. Heavy traffic increases the risk of deadly vehicle collisions because the more cars on the road, the greater the chance of them striking on another.

Of course, the holiday also presents problems because of the highnumber of drunk drivers that are on the road. People attending holiday festivities drive home after having drinks and create risks for everyone on the roadway. The Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving is sometimes referred to as “Black Wednesday” and is starting to be known as a bigday for bars.

The heavy traffic and increased risk of crashes continuethrough the holiday season, but Thanksgiving often proves to be the most dangerous day.

It is important for everyone to make plans for designated drivers, or to use taxis or ride share services rather than getting behind the wheel after a few drinks. By planning ahead and being responsible, drivers can keep themselves and those around them safe.

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