Man Hurt In Rollover Wreck on Interstate 70 in Illinois

July 1, 2018 (Effingham Daily News) – The Effingham Daily News reports that one man suffered injuries severe enough to require airlift transportation to a hospital after an early morning rollover wreck. The man was driving east on Interstate 70, when his vehicle left the roadway, hit a culvert, and flipped several times. The driver of the vehicle got ejected, and the car eventually came to a stop in a ditch, upside down.

No information has been reported about the condition of the driver or the cause of the wreck. Rollover accidents can happen for many reasons, including overcorrecting, drowsiness (which often leads to drifting off the road and over correcting) road and weather conditions, and vehicle design. Did you know that some vehicles are more likely to roll over than others are? Vehicle design is one of the factors that can influence rollover risk. As a general rule, cars with a high center of gravity, like many SUVs, roll over much more easily than cars that have a lower center of gravity.

Other factors that are frequently present in rollover crashes include speed and alcohol. Fatal rollover accidents often involve excessive speed, either on its own or in addition to alcohol use. Alcohol use increases the risk that a driver will make poor choices while driving, which result in losing control of their vehicle and rolling over. Approximately half of all fatal rollover crashes involve alcohol. Since some of the factors that contribute to rollover wrecks are connected to driver behavior, it is vital that drivers do what they can to reduce the risk that they will roll their vehicle. Rollover accidents are often fatal because there is a high risk that one or more of the occupants of a car that rolls over will get ejected during the wreck. When people survive getting expelled from a vehicle, they are often injured severely, and may even receive injuries that are permanent.

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