Man Killed in Frankfort Township Crash

FRANKFORT TOWNSHIP, IL- writes that a man was killedin a single-vehicle collision that occurred in Frankfort Township. The accident happened at around 10:45 p.m.on Monday, July 9, 2018.*

The victim was identifiedas 45-year-old Michael B. Anderson of Orland Park. Anderson reportedly hit a tree near the intersection of LaPorte Road and 114thAvenue. The vehicle sustained severe damage and Anderson had to be extricatedfrom it by emergency responders.

Anderson was takento Silver Cross Hospital, where he was declared dead just after midnight. Authorities do not know what caused Anderson to lose control of his vehicle.

Around one-fifth of all car accidentfatalities involve a vehicle veering off of the roadway and striking an object. Trees are involved in morefatal vehicle accidents than any other type of fixed object. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), trees are struckin 48% of deadly fixed object crashes. Following trees, utility poles and traffic barriers are the next most likely objects to be hit by cars.

Several factors contribute to these types of accidents. Oftentimes, alcohol is involved in fixed object crashes. In 2016, drivers who died in crashes with fixed objects had alcohol in their systems 39% of the time. In other kinds of fatal collisions,only 23% of drivers were found to be driving under the influence. Drivers also run off the road because they are traveling at too high of a speed for the road and weather conditions, because they are drowsy, not paying attention, or the road visibility is low. Nearly 50% of these accidents occur at night when visibility can make driving more difficult.

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