Mattoon Woman Was Killed by Drunk Driver in Coles County, Illinois

COLES COUNTY, IL- writes that a 38-year-old woman was killed in a collision at an intersection in Coles County. The victim, April Fisher, was t-boned when another driver ran through a stop sign.*

The crash took place at around 11:40 in the morning. Police arrived on the scene to find both vehicles located in a field with severe damage.

Fisher was declared dead at the scene. The other driver, James Miller, was taken to the Carle Hospital by airlift. Reports indicate that Miller had been drinking and was under the influence when he ran the stop sign.

Police issued several citations for “failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident, using an electronic communication device while driving, and driving under the influence.”

Police are still investigating the crash.

Stop sign controlled intersections see a high number of crashes every year. The problem is not usually that drivers run through stop signs completely. In most cases, drivers stopor slow down enough to almost stop and then proceed into the intersection even though it is not safe to do so. In some instances, the driver’s view of the road is impaired, and in others, the driver just fails to notice an approaching vehicleor misjudges the speed of that vehicle.

Accidents in which a vehicle completely runs through a traffic control device are often the most severe of these collisions because of the speed of the vehicles.

Oneway to reduce fatal intersection accidents, including accidents involving stop signs is to change the design of intersections completely. Roundabouts and other less traditional intersection alternatives have proven to be safer options that could greatly cut down on the number of crashes in the United States.

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