Medical Emergency Shuts Down Interstate 80 in Tinley Park, Illinois

TINLEY PARK, IL- reports that a multiple vehicle collision shut down Interstate 80 close to Tinley Park on Wednesday, September 6, 2018. The accident took place in the eastbound lanes ofI-80 close to Route 43 and Harlem Ave.

The accident may have involved a medical emergency.

Some car accidents are the result of medical emergencies where a driver experiences a medical condition that impacts their ability to drive. Examples would be heart attacks or strokes which a driver might suddenly experience and become incapable of properly driving their vehicle. When accidents are caused by a medical emergency, the issue that often comes up is whether the driver who caused the accident is liableto other people who were injured. In many cases, the driver would be able to escape liability if he or she suffered a sudden medical episode while driving. One court found that a driver who suffered a “sudden drop in blood pressure” and passed out could not be found liable to the person whose vehicle he struck because the medical condition qualified as an “Act of God.”

In some cases, a person who experiences a medical emergency will still be found liable if they had reason to believe that they were at risk of experiencing a medical episode that might impact their ability to operate a motor vehicle safely. For instance, a person who has epilepsy and knows that they have a high chance of suffering a seizure could be found liable if he or she chose to drive a car despite the fact that doing so could put other people on the road in peril.

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