Motorcycle Rider Dead, Friend Charged With DUI Following High-Speed Crash in Lombard, Illinois

Lombard, Illinois (Chicago Tribune) The Chicago Tribune reports that a man is dead after a Thursday night motorcycle wreck in Lombard. The crash occurred as two men were riding their motorcycles on St. Charles Road at a very high speed. It is estimated that they were traveling at approximately ninety miles per hour, when one of the men struck a curb with his motorcycle and wrecked it, fracturing his skull. He died from his injuries.

The other man who had been riding with him returned to the scene of the crash for a short time before leaving to go to his friends’ house. His friends eventually brought him back to the accident scene, and a witness was able to identify him as one of the riders that had been speeding through the area when the wreck occurred. The police arrested the man for suspicion of DUI because he was having trouble balancing and speaking clearly, his eyes were glassy and red, and he smelled like alcohol. He has been charged with three misdemeanors in addition to felony aggravated DUI. The man will appear in court for an arraignment on July 20, to answer to the felony aggravated DUI charge and the misdemeanor charges of failing to give information and render aid, driving with a revoked license, and driving recklessly.

Authorities continue to investigate the fatal wreck. It has not been disclosed whether the deceased rider was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. Helmets protect a rider’s head and can reduce the chance of head injuries, but even when a rider wears a helmet, they are at risk for other injuries to their body, especially when they are riding at a high rate of speed.

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