Motorcycle Wreck Takes Man’s Life in Burritt Township Illinois

BURRITT TOWNSHIP, Ill. — A 63-year-old man from Rockford, Illinois died in a motorcycle crash. WREX 13 reported the fatal motorcycle accident that happened in the area of the intersection of Telegraph Road and North Winnebago Road. The accident took place at about 10:00 a.m. However, authorities did not release any additional information to the press. Law enforcement officers said that the cause of the incident remains under investigation. Investigators also refused to identify the individuals involved, including the deceased male. *

Motorcycle accidents in Illinois occur far too often, and when they do the motorcycle rider is the motorist most vulnerable to injury or death. Even in crashes at lower speeds when the driver of a motor vehicle suffers little to no harm, the motorcycle rider could perish in the accident or, if he or she survives, sustain severe to catastrophic injuries that could irrevocably alter the motorcycle accident victim’s life.

Wearing a motorcycle helmet approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration may protect a motorcycle rider from death or serious injury from a head injury. Notwithstanding, the rider’s chest, stomach, back, spine, arms, and legs are all exposed to injury during the initial collision and the second collision when the rider hits the ground. Contact with the ground can result in cause injuries as well, especially if the rider slides. Wearing leather and jeans along with boots can protect the body from so-called “road rash” but cannot protect a motorcycle rider from blunt force injuries such as broken bones, severe lacerations, amputations, injuries to the torso, internal injuries, back injuries, muscle tears, and paralysis or other spinal cord injuries.

Insurance companies will try to exonerate their driver and blame the motorcycle rider for causing an accident. Most people believe that motorcycle riders operator recklessly. However, such a widely held belief is an enormous misconception. With accidents caused by inattentive drivers becoming more and more frequent, motorcycle accidents must be examined closely to ascertain the party responsible for the wreck.


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