Motorcyclist Reportedly in Critical Condition Following Highlands, Illinois Crash

HIGHLAND, IL- The writes that a motorcyclist suffered severe injuries in a collision that took place at the intersection of Kennedy Avenue and Duluth Street. Reports stated that the victim was in critical condition as of Monday.

Police identified the injured motorcyclist as 24-year-old Aric J. Benton of Highland. Benton is being treated at the University of Chicago Medical Center. Benton sustained serious injuries when his BMW motorcycle struck a Dodge Ram truck. The driver of the Ram was identified as a 56-year-old man from Highland.

The Ram was traveling south on Kennedy Avenue and was attempting to turn left onto Duluth Street. Benton was riding northbound when the truck turned in front of him, andhe hit the rear ride side. Benton was first transported to the Methodist Hospitals Northlake Campusand then transferred.

Police are still investigating the collision.

Left turns are dangerous to all drivers, but they are a particularlydevastating hazard to motorcycles. Drivers who attempt to make left turns often fail to see motorcycles. When a motorcycle strikes a vehicle that cuts it off, the rider can often be ejected from the vehicle.

In Illinois, motorcyclists are not required to use a helmet. Illinois is one of three states that does not require any motorcyclists to use helmets. As a result, the rate of helmet use in the state is lower than in many other parts of the country. This is unfortunate because motorcycle helmets are considered about 37 percent effective in preventing deaths and 67 percent effective in preventing brain damage in motorcyclists involved in crashes.

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