Multi-Vehicle Bus Crash Sends Five to Hospital in Northbrook, Illinois

NORTHBROOK, Ill. — Five people required rapid transport to areas hospitals after they sustained injuries in a four-vehicle crash. According to CBS 2 Chicago, the multi-vehicle accident occurred on Waukegan Road in Northbrook, which is on the municipality’s busiest thoroughfares.

Northbrook Police responded immediately to reports concerning the multi-vehicle crash. The size and severity of the accident site required officers to shut down Waukegan Road from Shermer and Dundee Roads. Investigating officers declined to provide any information as to how the collision might have happened. They did say that one vehicle rolled over, and two people required extrication because they were trapped in the car. Northbrook police accident reconstructionist teams did not complete their investigation to this point. No information relating to the condition of the two occupants extricated was available. Three of the motorists rushed to the hospital are expected to survive after being listed with non-life-threatening injuries. 

Illinois multi-car pile-ups can occur in a variety of circumstances due to any number of reasons. For example, many multi-vehicle collisions occur on the interstate or highway. Due to inadvertence, distraction, intoxication, following too closely to the car in front, or for any other reason, a person driving on the interstate could swerve into another lane and strike the car next to it, and then send that vehicle into another. Additionally, following too close to the car in front poses a considerable risk for a multi-vehicle crash because a rear-end collision can throw the car rear-ended by the vehicle that followed too closely into other cars. 

Intersections are another common location for multi-vehicle accidents. Drivers who do not obey street signs or traffic signals run a tremendous risk of causing a pile-up accident. Additionally, drivers who follow too close to the cars in front or tailgate are in danger of colliding with those vehicles. 


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