Multiple Vehicle Crash Causes Delays Near Washington and Elizabeth on WB I-270

ST.LOUIS, MO- writes that a crash involving a semi-truck and other vehicles led to major traffic delays in St. Louis County on Tuesday, October 30, 2018. The collision occurred in the westbound lanes of I-270 close to the exit at Washinton and Elizabeth.*

Aerial footage of the scene showed emergency workers respondingto the accident and aiding those involved. The crash and the emergency crews shut down all lanes of traffic.

Traffic was only passing through the shoulder. Commuters were advised to avoid the area.

Traffic accidents involving large trucks are often severe. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIIHS),these vehicles can weigh around 20 or 30 times that of other vehicles on the road. When crashes involve such massive vehicles, people traveling in other vehicles are made vulnerable.

Statistics indicate just how dangerous large truck crashes are for people traveling in smaller passenger vehicles. In 2016, 66 percent of people killed in large truck accidents were people in a passenger vehicle that was involved in a collision with a truck. Pedestrians, cyclists, andmotorcyclists make up another 16 percent of fatalities. Only 17 percent of large truck accidents result in a person in the large truck dying.

If only statistics related to crashes between large trucks and passenger vehicles are viewed, the numbers indicate that 97 percent of all victims were occupants of the smaller vehicles.

It is important for drivers to remember that large trucks take a very long time to stop and are not as easy to maneuver as smaller vehicles. Drivers should exercise caution and give these massive vehicles space on the road.

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