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Rear-end crashes can happen in many situations. Every time you take the wheel when driving or hop in the car as a passenger, you will be in many situations that leave you exposed to getting hit from behind. The exposure you face has nothing to do with how you drive necessarily. You are in danger of getting into a rear-end collision when you stop for a stop sign, yield while entering the highway to merge, stopping for pedestrians, and slowing for a yellow light to list a few examples.

Rear-end accidents happen when people do not pay attention to the road before them. Drivers who tailgate, follow too closely, text while driving, drive drunk or high, or simply who do not pay attention to the road are at high risk for crashing into someone from behind.

Most of the time, a rear-end accident is the fault of the motorist approaching from behind, but not always. Slowing or stopping too fast can cause a crash. Driving erratically can cause a rear-end crash, and so can road rage driving.

Perhaps whiplash and soft tissue injuries are the two injuries people involved in rear-end accidents suffer. Rear-end crashes can inflict other injuries, but soft tissue injuries seem to be the most common.

Soft tissue injuries are merely a broad category of injuries that describe wounds that concern the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and skin only. Even though there are no broken bones, nerve damage, or another more serious injury, soft tissue damage and whiplash are painful. Those types of injuries can take a long time to heal and require lengthy rehabilitation.

Merely describing the injuries like whiplash and soft tissue injuries does not diminish the importance of your claim. You should receive financial compensation for all losses you endure if you were hit by another person in a rear-end accident.


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