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Neck and Upper Back Injuries in Car Accidents: What You Should Know

We tend to take our backs for granted. Only when we injure them do we realize that our backs help us do everything physically—move, bend, stand, and breathe. Suffering a back injury in a car accident can disrupt our daily lives, sometimes to the point of being incapacitating. Back pain, discomfort, and injury can take a long time to heal. Oftentimes, your back will never revert back to how it was before the injury. 

If you experienced a neck or back injury from a car accident, it’s smart to consult with a lawyer who has experience helping clients with similar injuries. They can help with any insurance claims or legal cases you may have while you focus your attention on healing. 

Types of Back Injuries from Car Accidents

Back injuries also include spinal cord injuries. Of the approximately 17,700 Americans who suffer a spinal cord injury each year, most (39.3%) are caused by a vehicle accident

Many of the back problems sustained from car accidents are caused by whiplash, which damages the soft tissue and can cause many other severe spinal conditions. Other common back injuries can include strains, sprains, herniated discs, and fractures. If you already suffered from back problems, a car accident can make them worse. 

Some symptoms of back injuries to watch for are muscle spasms, burning pain, stiffness, sharp pain, discomfort when walking or standing, and tingling and numbness in your extremities. Also take note of any headaches, dizziness, or disorientation. These can result from whiplash. 

Get Medical Attention Right Away

It’s always a good idea to see a doctor as soon as you can to diagnose and treat your symptoms. Getting a medical treatment plan and following it closely will get you started on the path to recovery. 

Seeing a doctor will also help any insurance claim or legal case you pursue. It shows that you are taking your injury seriously. In light of this fact, the insurance company may be more inclined to settle with you instead of risking losing at trial. 

It may also be helpful to keep a journal that tracks your back pain. Try and write down how your back feels every day, whether it’s a good day or a bad day. Specify the level of pain you are experiencing and how the back pain is impacting your day-to-day life. For example, if your back pain is keeping you from working effectively or taking care of your children. The journal will provide evidence of your injuries and recovery and may help with any claims you have to recover damages. 

Contact a Back Injury Attorney With Questions

Your back is the home base of your central nervous system, which controls every process in your body. If you have injured your back in a car accident, take the injuries seriously and don’t put off getting treatment. Call an experienced back injury lawyer for help. They can advise you on how to best proceed and help you file any insurance or legal claim if necessary. Contact us today!