Neighborhood Shaken by Violent Crash in Des Plaines, Illinois

DES PLAINES, Ill. — Two cars met in a violent collision in a quiet Des Plaines neighborhood on Wednesday, November 14, 2018, according to Journal & Topics. The crash was so forceful that a mini-van flipped over onto its roof and might have rolled at least twice before finally coming to arrest. Des Plaines police are still trying to piece together what happened, and the incident remains under investigation.

The relative tranquility of a quiet Des Plaines residential area was distributed around 4:00 p.m. by a sound that residents mistook as a house exploding. People raced out of their homes in response to the noise to find a gray mini-van flipped over and a silver four-door sedan with heavy front-end damage partially on the sidewalk at the intersection of Luau and Fourth Avenue.

Police, fire, and emergency medical services personnel rushed to the area. Witnesses say that the driver of the mini-van was trapped in the front seat and first responders took her out by using the rear window. Witnesses said that the female operator appeared conscious but suffered obvious lacerations. Information about the well-being of the other driver was omitted from the news report.

Photographs taken at the scene depict the mini-van on its roof with the front windshield crushed down toward the passenger compartment. The rear driver’s side door appeared to have been the impact point between the two vehicles. A picture of the silver sedan shows that the car came to a stop partially on the sidewalk with significant damage to the front of the car; the hood crushed in and buckled. The vehicles involved in the crash stopped  several feet apart, giving the appearance that the mini-van rolled multiple times.

Police have not said who may be at fault for causing the crash. Yield signs on Luau at the intersection with Fourth Avenue control the traffic flow.

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