4G Service in CTA Red and Blue Lines

It has recently been announced that commuters will have 4G access for their smartphones throughout the Red and Blue lines, reports the Chicago Tribune. Because the Red and Blue lines are the only lines that go underground, the project makes Chicago the largest city in North America to have full coverage in its subway system, according to the Tribune. T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint paid $32.5 million for the installation, operation, and maintenance of the latest-generation 4G communications technology in the Blue and Red line tunnels, reports the Tribune. The 20-year agreement was reached between the wireless companies and the Chicago Infrastructure Trust.

Being able to surf the web and send out emails is not the only benefit from the 4G access.  If you or another passenger is injured while using the CTA Red or Blue lines, it is critical that you call for medical attention immediately if anyone shows signs of an injury such as laceration, bleeding, head trauma, broken bones or loss of conscious.The 4G access on the CTA lines will help victims of personal injuries seek immediate medical attention as CTA personnel and emergency responders who work in the tunnels will now be able to communicate more effectively.

While many passengers will look forward to increased internet access on the CTA, commuters must be careful. Here are some tips for you to safely use your phone in public and some steps for you to take if your phone has been stolen.

While your best option is to keep your phone hidden while you are in public, this is not a realistic option for most people. Consequently, you should try to securely hold your phone while you use it. For instance, you can fan out your fingers so that they from a protective barrier around the phone, advises CNET. Or you can interlock the fingers from both hands around the device. Make sure that you do not become so engrossed in your device that you become oblivious to your surroundings. Additionally, you should buy a basic case that conceals the phone’s distinctive markings, like the iPhone’s Apple logo, suggests CNET. This will allow you to keep a lower profile while you use your phone. Thieves will be looking for your phone in your pants pocket, purse, and backpack, so try to put your phone in a place that is more concealed, like the interior pocket of a coat or purse.

Even if you are vigilant and careful, your phone still might get stolen. If a thief has taken your phone, the first thing you should do is notify your carrier. CNET reports that the carrier will add your phone to a blacklist that will prevent anyone from using it to make calls or to access your data network; unfortunately, the thief might still be able to access Wi-Fi. Additionally, you should activate the phone’s tracking and remote device management features. Next, you should call the police. They might not be able to get your phone back, but they could catch the perpetrator selling the phone on the internet, suggests CNET. Furthermore, the police might be able to use your phone’s location features to find it. Finally, it is best not to chase after the person who stole your phone; you might be putting yourself in a dangerous situation.

For information on the steps you can take to prevent a thief from using your phone once they have stolen it, click here.

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